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Kubera Lakshmi Frame
Kubera Lakshmi Frame
Kubera Lakshmi Frame

Kubera Lakshmi Frame

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Kubera Lakshmi

Kubera Lakshmi worship which gives all auspiciousness

If Kubera Lakshmi worship is properly followed with proper guidelines, one can attain undiminished wealth in life. By offering prayers on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays to Kubera Lakshmi image, one can get all the luxuries and prosper in life.

The picture of Kubera Lakshmi has to be placed in the prayer room of the house and lamp light on both sides. Grains have to be placed on a banana leaf in front of the kubera Lakshmi. Put a kalasam full of water in the middle and turmeric in it, insert the mango and place the coconut on it. Now  apply turmeric and kumkum on the coconut and decorate it with flowers.

Turmeric Pillaiyar should be made and worshipped by singing Ganesha songs.

Following that, Mahalakshmi should be worshipped with a lotus flower. When Kubera Lakshmi is worshipped with the image, it is necessary to offer naivedyam like  sweets and milk payasam.

Coins should be kept as Dakshanai during pooja. The coins must be taken after the puja and kept in a jewellery box or money box.


  • By performing Kubera Lakshmi Puja at home, Mahalakshmi will reside and Kubera will  pour out all the auspiciousness in the house.
  • Doing Kubera Puja by fasting on specific days will pay off the debts and loan.
  • Wealth will increase. There will be no shortage of money at home and buisness.

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