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Karungali Varahi Devi
Karungali Varahi Devi
Karungali Varahi Devi

Karungali Varahi Devi

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Karungali Varahi Devi

Karungali Varahi Devi  that bestows high status in life.

Goddess Varahi, one of the Saptha Kannigai, it is very special to worship the amman on a is said that karungali is so powerful that, all the deities are present in Karungali, one is sure to attain  success in one's endeavors. The mental health, physical health and also the malefic effects of the planets due to the planetary positions are removed.Therefore, all the products and deity images made ofKarungali gives us great benefits. Worshiping the Varahi Devi idol made of Karungali  will give you and your family the benefits of crores of blessings from the goddesses. 

On every Panchami day, stand in front of the Goddesses Varahi in the temple Sannidhi or at home recite the twelve names of the goddess called the Dwadasha naam - Panchami, Dandanatha, Sanketa, Samayeswari, Samaya Sanketa, Varahi, Bodrini, Siva, Varthali, Maha Sena, Agnya Sakreswari, Arikini- one can be successful in all obstructed work.

Karungali Varahi Devi

  • The valarpirai (waxing) and teipirai (waning ) panchami days are auspicious days to worship the karungali Varahi devi.

  • Worshipping the goddesses by offering red flowers, on this day, gives confidence and courage to face any thing in life.

  • Farm beans should be boiled and mixed with honey and ghee and offered to the Karungali Vaarahi Amman.
  • Worshipping the Goddesses in the above manner - one's fortune will arise, business will develop and business will flourish.

  • You can make naivediyam like black urad vada with ginger and garlic, navadhanya vada, pepper vada,  full cream curd rice, Dosa mixed with pepper and cumin, black sesame sweet balls,sweet potato, flavoured milk added with- saffron, sugar, cardamom, cinnamon, green camphor. You can also make a panagam by adding dry ginger.

Varahi Gayatri Mantra:

         Om Chyamalayi Vitmahe

         Hala Hastaiai Dhiemahi

        Tanno Varahi Prasodayat

  • Devotees chanting the Gayatri Mantra of Goddess Varahi will get the power to defeat the failures.

  • Those who were born on the of Panchami, Amavasai Tithi and Lagna in the horoscope with Guru ruling or exalting the 6th place can chant this Varahi Gayatri mantra will reach the highest position in life and be successful throughout life.


  • If you worship the Karungali Varahi Devi, your enemies troubling you will vanish, or enemies will become your friends.

  • Unexpected dangers and unfortunate accidents will not happen. Courage and self-confidence will increase.

  • The good words you tell will come true and long-term diseases will be cured.

    Behavioural disorders and magical doshas will disappear.

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