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Karungali vinayagar (Model 5)
Karungali vinayagar (Model 5)
Karungali vinayagar (Model 5)
Karungali vinayagar (Model 5)

Karungali vinayagar (Model 5)

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Karungali Vinayagar bestows Kubera wealth:

           According to Hindu dharma, it is customary to start any work after worshipping Lord Vinayagar. After that, Hindus keep Vinayagar images, and small size idols in their homes and offices. These idols are available in various metals like gold, silver, copper, bronze and other alloys. some people worship Vinayagar made up of the Vellerrukku tree. however, the Vinayagar made out of Karungali is very rare and also auspicious.


  • Karungali is naturally a powerful wood that has many medicinal properties and the Vinayagar made out of such a great wood also exposes great health benefits along with the blessings of the lord.
  • One can get the wealth equivalent to that of lord Kubera, by worshipping Karungali Vinayagar.
  • One can become successful in business and gain a lot of profit by worshipping the karungali Vinayagar.
  • Every new venture started will turn out to be a successful one if you worship the lord and begin it.
  • Students worshipping the Karungali Vinayagar will get good academic knowledge, memory and intelligence with the grace of the lord.

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