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Samayapuram Mariamman Frame
Samayapuram Mariamman Frame
Samayapuram Mariamman Frame

Samayapuram Mariamman Frame

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Samayapuram Mariamman

Mariamman, who showers wealth to people:

           Mariamman worship is associated with the ancient tradition of Tamils. Mari means rain. When seasonal rains fail in the country, there is a belief that if people pray to Mariamman, it will rain by the grace of the goddesses. Hence she is called Mariamman because she is the bringer of rain. Mariamman is considered the goddess who destroys injustices and evils and cures incurable diseases, especially measles and pox. 

Mariamman is seen seated in Sukasana with her four hands holding  rope, Damarugam, Kathi and Kapalam. The goddess has three powerful eyes called the thirukan, wearing a crown that has a burning fire that is shining upward with all beautiful ornaments with her right leg folded and her left leg dangling. 

Worshipping Mariamman we will get all benefits and blessings.


  • Mariamman worshipped throughout Tamil Nadu.
  • Samayapuram, Trichy Manaparai, Madurai Cholavanthan, Dindigul, Theni, Virudhunagar, Idankudi and others are very famous in Mariamman worship.
  • It is auspicious and special to worship the Goddess on Tuesdays and Fridays every week.

  • It is good to offer milk and turmeric for Abhishekam of Goddess.

  • One can light Mavilakku( lamp made out of rice flour and jaggery) which is favourite for the goddesses.

  • One can fill the Shakti Karakam with water and worship it as Mariamman


  • Women Worshipping Mariyamman gets sumangali bhagyam for longevity of the husband.

  • She removes obstacles in marriage to young unmarried women, blesses the boon of marriage.

  • Childless couple are blessed with children with the grace of the goddess.

  • Goddesses cures diseases live  measles, pox, cholera and fever.

  • Amman removes the evil eye dristi strain, dosha, and cures from the disesases

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