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Rudraksha Sphatik Bracelet
Rudraksha Sphatik Bracelet

Rudraksha Sphatik Bracelet

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Rudraksha Sphatik Bracelet

Rudraksha is a type of seed that comes from the Rudraksha tree. These seeds are considered sacred in Hinduism and are often used for spiritual and healing purposes. Rudraksha seeds are believed to have mystical properties and are commonly used in meditation and for protection.

Sphatik, also known as quartz crystal, is a naturally occurring mineral known for its healing properties and used for meditation and spiritual purposes. As its cooling properties, a sphatik bracelet acts as an ideal adornment for someone who may be suffering from hypertension.


  • Rudraksha beads are considered to be protective and can help in warding off negative energies and evil spirits.
  • Rudraksha beads are said to have healing properties that can help in relieving stress, anxiety, depression, and other emotional and psychological issues.

  • Sphatik helps to balance the chakras, improve decision-making, and immune-booster  overall health and well-being

  • Sphatik is good for giving calmness and gives positive energy. It is Pure Sphatik which is also called Quartz crystal and has healing properties.

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