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About Us

From the house of “OM TAMIL CALENDER” we are pleased to inform you that we are emerging slowly with our new offspring “OM SPIRITUAL SHOP” .  that will fulfil all your spiritual needs and initiate a process of spiritual healing of your mind and body.

Om spiritual shop is an online store that offers a wide range of endless spiritual products that can bring happiness, Wealth, fortune, well being and holistic healing in life. Om spiritual shop offers a wide range of products including Karungali(Ebony wood ), spadigam (pure crystals), god idols, Rudraksha, photo frames, idols of gods and Vastu products.

How We Started.

Om Tamil calendar is serving many individuals who are looking to stay spiritually holistic, through its handy product Tamil Panchang calendar that will guide us throughout the day for our well being. This made the founder expand further and create a brand “om spiritual shop ‘ to serve more people who need mental and physical healing to live a better life..we are very much pleased to announce to you this new spiritual shop with products that will give peace of mind and help in healing. 

This brand was mainly born with the intention to bring awareness and create knowledge about alternative healing techniques. We are dedicated to providing authentic handmade products that you can choose from.

We are constantly adding new products to our website regularly and keep you updated.

We deliver genuine products that are original and give the best results when used.

Our testimonials :

Our testimonials speak about our products thanks for all the positive feedback that we have received for the Om Tamil calendar from our subscribers.

We are happy and proud of the testimonials that we receive and are glad to display it and share them with other users on the web with your permission.  

We are sure that om spiritual shop will do its best in serving customers who are looking for the best products.


Now that you are familiar with what we offer, here’s how you can make a online purchase.

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