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Welcome to Om Spiritual Shop.

Om spiritual shop from the house of Om tamil Calendar offers a wide range of original and quality spiritual products. Our special categories are Karungali, Malas, God statues,Rudrakshas and many more items to promote the spiritual growth.



I purchased a photo of Grihalakshmi, I came to know that placing a Vastu Grihalakshmi photo above the doorstep is very auspicious and brings wealth to the house. I searched in many places and finally found it here at Om Spiritual Shop.

- Chennai.

From Om Spiritual Shop, I purchased a karungali bracelets that i am fully satisfied with. They sell orginal and top-notch products.

- Mumbai

Karungali Silver Mala, I liked the finishing in it and now i have placed an order for 5 more malas to gift it to my close relatives.

- Chennai.