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Karungali Stick
Karungali Stick
Karungali Stick
Karungali Stick
Karungali Stick

Karungali Stick

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Natural Black

Natural Wood


Karungali Stick:

The Karungali Stick, a unique and revered artifact crafted from the sacred essence of karungali.The Karungali Stick is a testament to ancient traditions and craftsmanship, with the chosen for its sacred properties. The stick's simplicity holds a profound significance, inviting contemplation and connection to the spiritual energies it represents.As you hold the Karungali Stick, feel its smooth texture and appreciate its simplicity.The creation carries a subtle energy, resonating with sacred traditions and inviting a sense of grounding and authenticity.


  • Its unadorned nature allows for a versatile interpretation, making it a personal and meaningful addition to your spiritual journey.

  • Explore the meditative qualities of the Karungali Stick, using it as a focal point for introspection or a tangible connection to ancient wisdom.

  • Its presence in your sacred space can evoke a sense of reverence and mindfulness, fostering a connection to the spiritual energies that transcend the everyday aspects of life. 

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