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Karungali Maala
Karungali Maala
Karungali Maala

Karungali Maala

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Karungali garland  will fetch you divine grace.

Karungali  wood is rich in medicinal properties and the products made from it acts as a medicine to cure diseases. Therefore, Karungali garland can be worn by people of all ages from children to adults and women to stay healthy.

It is said that all the Deities are presiding in Karungali, therefore a person wearing this garland will succeed in every chosen field and prosper.

Karungali is very effective in eliminating physical health issues and also the malefic effects of planets and planetary positions.




  • Wearing a Karungali Garland will help in creating positive vibrations and bring good thoughts that are sure to happen.
  • Karungali  garland has the power to prevent and stop negative thoughts.
  • Wearing Karungali can remove the defects in vision and rectify the eye related problems.
  • People of all age groups can wear the Karungali garland and there is no harm or side effects in wearing it.

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