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Karungali Vel With Stand
Karungali Vel With Stand
Karungali Vel With Stand
Karungali Vel With Stand
Karungali Vel With Stand
Karungali Vel With Stand

Karungali Vel With Stand

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Karungali Vel Gives Great Success:

 Lord Muruga is called by various names like Karthikeyan, Kandan, Gangeyan, Kugan, Kumaran, Shanmukhan, Saravana Bhavan, Subramanian and Velan.the power of lord Muruga is immense and worshipping him bestows a happy life. After understanding the power of Lord Murugan vel  great poets like Agasthya Munivar, Arunagirinath, Nakkirar said  that worshipping Velavan's Vel is great. The Vel in Muruga's hand is said to be the Lord's power of wisdom. It is very auspicious to worship such a divine power in your home with an Karungali VEL. The Vel worship of Lord Muruga is very ancient and is considered a symbol of wisdom and valour. Also, it destroys evil deeds and evil qualities and enriches life. Therefore, one will get success in life while one worships the great Karungali Vel.  The greatness of Lord Muruga has been mentioned in literatures such as Akanahunu, Puranahunu, Inkuguruhunu and also in Thirumurukatu Pada, a book in Patuppattal. The power of lord Muruga vel is also immense and hence it is called VetriVel. By Worshipping Karungali Vetrivel, one can get great success. Karungali Vel must be kept in the shrine of Murugan or Varahi and then taken home and kept in the pooja room for great powers.


  • Karungali Vel is so powerful to remove all the evil powers around it and hence there will be no harm to anyone surrounding it.
  • All the enemies will be destroyed and there will be growth in business.

  • Karungali Vel  can be placed anywhere in the puja room of the house, office, factory and other places of business.
  • Wake up every morning before sunrise, take a bath and worship the powerful Karungali Vel.

  • The benefits of worshipping the karungali Vel five minutes everyday is immeasurable.

  • If Karungali Vel is worshipped at home, it removes mental fear and gives courage and increases eloquence.
  • Controlling the evil forces

  • Karungali  has the power to block negative thoughts.

  • It is significant to remove evil eye drishti and doshas.

  • When worshipping Karungali Vel at home, no infectious disease will approach. 

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