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Varahi Amman Frame
Varahi Amman Frame
Varahi Amman Frame

Varahi Amman Frame

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Varahi Amman Frame

The Varahi Amman Frame typically depicts the divine form of Goddess Varahi, adorned with various attributes and symbols that represent her divine qualities. The frame may include intricate designs and embellishments, crafted with artistic precision to honor the divine presence of Goddess Varahi. It serves as a sacred focal point for worship and meditation, inviting devotees to connect with her divine energy and seek her blessings.


  • Devotion to the Varahi Amman Frame invokes the protective energies of Goddess Varahi, providing strength and courage to face life's challenges and adversities.

  • Meditating upon the Varahi Amman Frame can lead to spiritual transformation and inner purification.

  • Worshiping the Varahi Amman Frame instills courage and confidence in devotees, empowering them to overcome fears and insecurities.

Varahi Gayatri Mantra:

Om Chyamalayi Vidmahe

Hala Hastaiai Dhiemahiaidhiyam.

Tanno Varahi Prachodayat

The Varahi Amman Frame serves as a sacred representation of Goddess Varahi's fierce yet compassionate nature, offering protection, strength, and spiritual transformation to those who venerate and meditate upon it with sincerity and devotion.

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