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Karungali Murugan
Karungali Murugan
Karungali Murugan
Karungali Murugan

Karungali Murugan

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Lord Muruga  who bestows promotion in career and Life

          A  Murugan idol made out of Karungali wood powder has the ability to absorb the radiation of planet Mars. worshipping such powerful Karungali wood powder Murugan on a Sashti Tithi,and Krithigai Nakshatra can bring all the benefits in life. Murugan means beauty. Looking at this beautiful Murugan will give you the blessings of a  beautiful baby if you are newly wed couple or couples who are trying to conceive. Lord Murugan bestows  joy, excitement,  happiness, prosperity and well-being.


Newly Married couple and couples who are trying to conceive can worship Karungali Murugan to have the blessings of children at home.

People searching for job can worship Lord Murugan at home to get good job opportunities and be successful in life.

Employed staff will get promotion and hike in salary.

The business will happen in a smooth manner and profits will be yours if you use Karungali idol of  lord Murugan.

Those who are longing for a own property  or own house can worship lord Muruga at home and worship him and soon one can get a boon of own house come true.

By chanting the mantra of Lord Muruga, Om Saravanabhava, daily in front of the idol of Lord Muruga at home, one can reach a higher level in life.

Unmarried people who regularly worship Lord Muruga on Shashti Day will soon find a good pair  and get married very well.

By reading Kandashasti Kavasam, Tirupukazh, Kanda Purana etc. daily at home, the evil eye on you and your house will be removed.

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Idol is made using Karungali Wood Powder and Resin.

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