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Karungali Murugan
Karungali Murugan
Karungali Murugan

Karungali Murugan

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Lord Murugan

      Introducing the exquisite Lord Murugan figurine, meticulously crafted from the finest karungali resin powder, this divine sculpture captures the essence of spirituality and reverence. The sacred artistry brings to life the revered deity, Lord Murugan, in a form that emanates tranquility and grace.The use of karungali resin powder not only adds a tactile quality to the sculpture but also infuses a sense of sacred authenticity.As you gaze upon the divine representation of Lord Murugan, you'll be drawn to the serene expression and symbolic elements that embody his divine attributes.


  • The figurine serves as a spiritual focal point, creating a harmonious ambiance and offering a reminder of inner strength, courage, and triumph over adversity.

  • Place this sacred artifact in your living space, meditation room, or any chosen area, and let the spiritual energy of Lord Murugan radiate throughout, fostering an atmosphere of peace and spiritual contemplation

  • Invite the blessings of Lord Murugan into your surroundings with this exceptional figurine, transcending the material to evoke a deeper connection with spirituality and ancient traditions



Idol is made using Karungali Wood Powder and Resin.

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