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Panchamukha Anjaneya Frame
Panchamukha Anjaneya Frame
Panchamukha Anjaneya Frame

Panchamukha Anjaneya Frame

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Panchamukha Anjaneya Frame

The Panchamukha Anjaneya Frame is a sacred representation of Lord Hanuman, the divine god revered in Hinduism for his unwavering devotion, courage, and strength. The Panchamukha Anjaneya is a unique form of Lord Hanuman with five faces, each representing different aspects of his divine nature. While Lord Hanuman is often associated with protection, courage, and success in endeavors, his worship extends beyond material wealth and career advancements.The central face is that of Lord Hanuman himself, while the other faces represent various deities, including Narasimha (lion), Garuda (eagle), Varaha (boar), and Hayagriva (horse).


    • Worshiping the Panchamukha Anjaneya Frame instills courage, strength, and fearlessness in devotees.

    • Lord Hanuman's unwavering determination and resolve inspire practitioners to face challenges and overcome obstacles with confidence and determination.

    • Lord Hanuman's divine intervention clears the path to success and facilitates the smooth attainment of goals and aspirations.

    Puthir Balam yaso tyrayam nirpayatvam arogatha |

    Ajadyam vakpadutvam sa hanumat smarnath bhaveth ||

    Asatya Sadhaka Swami's Asatya Tava Kimvata |

    Rama doota krupasindho mad karyam sadayaprabo ||

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