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Varahi Amman Frame
Varahi Amman Frame
Varahi Amman Frame

Varahi Amman Frame

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Varahi Amman Frame

Varahi Devi bestows growth and progress in life.

Devi Purana narrates that Worshiping Goddess Varahi on a Panchami day is very special as she is considered to be one of the Sapta mathas and powerful. Worshipping Goddess Varahi on the days of valarpirai Panchami and teipira Panchami each month is considered favourable for the growth of the family.

It is very auspicious to recite the dwadasha-12 names of the goddesses Varahi at home or at the temple on Panchami day and surrender to her to remove all the obstacles in life. Varahi's Duvadasa Nama are Panchami  Thandanatha, Sanketa, Samayeswari, Samaya Sanketa, Varahi, Bodrini, Siva, Varthali, Maha Sena and Agnya Sakreswari Arikini. In this case, buying a beautiful p#212B36ainting of Goddess Varahi on Panchami day will give you and your family much-needed growth and progress.


  • Worshipping Goddess Varahi with red flowers will give you confidence and courage.
  • Varahi should be worshipped by offering boiled lima bean mixed with honey and ghee. By doing so the goddesses will be pleased and one's fortune will arise, and the business will develop and flourish.
  • One can offer black urad vada made by adding ginger and garlic, nava dhanya vada, vada added with pep - saper, and full-fat curd rice as the neivaidhiyam to the goddesses.
  • Dosa mixed with pepper and cumin, ellurundai (black sesame jaggery balls), sweet potato and  milk added withffron, sugar, cardamom, cinnamon, edible camphor, can be offered as neivPanakam with lemon jaggery and dry ginger powder can also be offered to the goddesses.

Varahi Gayatri Mantra:

Om Chyamalayi Vitmahe

Hala Hastaiai Dhiemahiaidhiyam.

Tanno Varahi Prachodayat

Devotees chanting the Gayatri Mantra of Goddess Varahi will defeat the failure in life and become successful.

People born with Panchami or  Amavasai Tithi or  Lagna and are having guru in the 6th place in the horoscope and having rulership or ascendance can reach the highest position in life by reciting Varahi's Gayatri Mantra throughout life.

People born in the birth stars of Karthikai, Pooram, Moolam and Revathi will definitely see rapid progress in life by worshipping Goddess Varahi.

Benefits :

  • If you worship the Karungali Varahi Devi, your enemies troubling you will vanish, or enemies will become your friends.
  • Unexpected dangers and unfortunate accidents will not happen. Courage and self-confidence will increase.
  • The good words you tell will come true and long-term diseases will be cured.
  • Behavioural disorders and magical doshas will disappear.

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