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Karungali Ganesha (Model 3) | Ganesha Murti
Karungali Ganesha (Model 3) | Ganesha Murti
Karungali Ganesha (Model 3) | Ganesha Murti

Karungali Ganesha (Model 3) | Ganesha Murti

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Ganesha Murti:

  Introducing the divine manifestation of wisdom and auspicious beginnings, the Ganesha figurine is crafted from the sacred karungali resin. This exquisite representation captures the essence of Lord Ganesha's benevolence and presence, transcending the material to embody the spiritual journey of overcoming obstacles and embracing new beginnings.The use of karungali resin adds a unique texture, infusing the sculpture with a tactile quality that invites a deeper connection to the spiritual realm.this divine artifact, observe the intricacies of Lord Ganesha's form — the gentle curves, the symbolic gestures, and the elephant head, signifying intellect and wisdom


  • Place the Ganesha figurine in a dedicated space, creating an altar adorned with fresh flowers, incense, and soft lighting.

  • Symbolic offerings of fruits, sweets, or sacred leaves can be presented to Ganesha, expressing gratitude and devotion.

  • May the presence of the Ganesha figurine made from karungali resin inspire a sense of spiritual insight, wisdom, and the courage to embark on new paths with grace and determination


Idol is made using Karungali Wood Powder and Resin.

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