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Karungali Stick
Karungali Stick
Karungali Stick
Karungali Stick
Karungali Stick

Karungali Stick

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Natural Black

Natural Wood


Karungali Stick:

Place the Karungali stick  piece in the prayer room of the house.

From waking up in the morning to going back to bed at night, everyone has to face various problems related to their career and work in life. In the current scenario of a busy lifestyle, it is rare to meet people who do not have a problem. All human beings, be it rich or poor, have their own problems in life.With many kinds of problems in life we are trying to get a solution to the problems we face in day to day life. There are solution for all the problems that we are exposed to. Yes it is a karungali stick that has the power to remove all the negativity and obstacles in the path of success in life.



  • The power of a karungali stick increases while it is constantly worshipped.
  • Good improvement in the business and profits.
  • Success is sure in all the ventures you start
  • Removing negative thoughts creates positive thoughts in mind. 
  • It has the power to rectify the problems in eyesight
  • Removes the evil eye or dristi .
  • Prevents eyesight defects, thrush etc.
  • There is no risk of infections wherever the Karungali piece is placed.
  • By worshipping a Karungali stick, one can get resolved from family problems and disputes, delay in marriage, unemployment and such problems.

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