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Karungali Ganesha
Karungali Ganesha
Karungali Ganesha

Karungali Ganesha

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 Karungali Ganesha

The Karungali Ganesha that brings good luck:

Lord Ganesha can be seen in various forms and in various substances including turmeric, clay, metal, marble, wood, and many other forms. The Ganesha made out of Karungali wood is a special and rare one.

Worshipping such rare Karungali Ganesha at home, offices, businesses, and workplaces will increase the prosperity, luxuries, and wealth equivalent to that of Lord Kubera. One can experience an increase in the wealth and profits in business or a hike in salary or increased income. The students worshipping this Karungali Ganesha are sure to get the blessings and their knowledge and intelligence will increase. Dull students will start studying well after worshipping Karungali Ganesha.


  • Karungali Ganesha is so powerful that All the deities reside in it, hence the divine positive vibrations will always be there around the place where the lord is placed. 
  • Karungali is so powerful that it can dispel negative thoughts and energies around and within you.
  • Since Karungali can absorb the radiations from the planet Mars, worshipping the Karungali Ganesha on a Tuesday that falls on a Chaturthi- Angaraka Chaturthi one can get the complete grace of the lord. And also since Tuesdays are special for lord Murugan one can get get the blessing of lord Murugan also.
  • Karungali possesses many medicinal properties and placing karungali Ganesha can prevent the spread of infectious diseases and purify the air.
  • Buy such magnificent rare Karungali Ganesha and place it at your home, office, and business area to multiply your good luck, wealth, and fortune.


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