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Karungali Ganesha (Model 3) | Ganesha Murti
Karungali Ganesha (Model 3) | Ganesha Murti
Karungali Ganesha (Model 3) | Ganesha Murti

Karungali Ganesha (Model 3) | Ganesha Murti

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Karungali Ganesha Gives Progress:

   The Karungali tree has immense potential to attract the divine forces in the universe. It is very special to buy a magnificent and majestic Karungali Ganesha idol that is made from the wood pieces obtained from Karungali tree. This Karungali Ganesha can be worshipped at your home, office, industrial establishments and other places of business.

The power to attract wealth

The Karungali is such a powerful wood that it contains the powers from all the deities and Navagrahas and hence one can get successes in all the endeavours of life, get rid of poverty and get abundance of wealth.

A Ganesha idol made of Karungali wood keeps all the harms away, when it is kept at home.

The power of attracting wealth will be enabled in the family.

For business owners, continuous worship of Lord Ganesha will remove the challenges that one is facing in the business. The profit will gradually increase and desired progress will be achieved. 

The products made from Karungali tree are full of medicinal properties, and hence it acts as a cure for all types of diseases in the body.

Progress in life

By placing the Karungali Ganesha in the children's study area, the concentration will increase, the memory of the students will increase and they will excel in academics.

Witch crafts ,voodoo and other evil forces will not be able to come closer.

There will be progress in life and  success in the task that is chosen.

By worshiping Karangali Ganesha on days like Chaturthi, Sangadahara Chaturthi, Vinayaka Chaturthi, which is favorable for Ganesha, obstacles and delays in the beginning of  anything will be removed. One can get fame, wealth and become influential person.

On Tuesdays known as Angaraka Chaturthi, worshiping the Karungali Ganesha will remove obstacles in auspicious activities and bring joy and happiness to the family.


Idol is made using Karungali Wood Powder and Resin.

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