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Kubera Vilakku | Kuber Deepam
Kubera Vilakku | Kuber Deepam
Kubera Vilakku | Kuber Deepam

Kubera Vilakku | Kuber Deepam

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Kubera lamp

To get complete blessings from the lord of wealth - Kubera, one  has to worship the lord Kubera by offering the things he likes the most. Lord Kubera bestows great wealth and prosperity in life. 

It is very auspicious to worship lord Kubera by lighting a Kubera lamp. If one lights the Kubera lamp and worships it, we can get wealth and prosperity in our life. 


If the Kubera Lamp is lit both in mornings and evenings, auspiciousness will be filled in the space and  there will be no trouble in the house.

 When lighting a lamp in a Kubera lamp, it is very good to use a cotton wick with oil or ghee. To get good profit in business and business, red flowers should be offered to Kubera. Pooja should be conducted by offering sweets and milk payasam as naivedyam.


  • By worshipping the Kubera lamp, one can get the complete blessings and   grace of goddesses MahaLakshmi.
  • Good and sensible thoughts will come true.

  • Relationship problems between husband and wife will be resolved.

  • Sufferings and debt problems will be removed. The incurable diseases will be cured.

  • Sudden inflow of money will be there , one can get good luck to  buy a house,properties and vehicles.

  • All wealth and prosperity will be available in the family.


Om Yaksharajaya Vidmahe

Vaisravanaya Thimahi

Tanno Kubera Prasodayat.


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