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Karungali Nandi and Karungali Lingam
Karungali Nandi and Karungali Lingam
Karungali Nandi and Karungali Lingam
Karungali Nandi and Karungali Lingam

Karungali Nandi and Karungali Lingam

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Karungali Nandi and Karungali Lingam that bestows wealth

Worship of Shiva Linga is the main form of worship in Lord Shiva temples, the statue of lord shiva not seen in many places. It is very special to buy a Karungali Linga and keep it at home for more powerful linga worship at home.  Karungali wood has the power to attract electrical radiation into itself, attracting the power of mantras and giving us its miraculous power. In general, we can achieve success in any endeavour only with the presence of God. it is very auspicious and good to worship Karungali Lingam at home, office, business, shop and other places of worship. Worshipping Karugali Nandi along with Karungali Lingam in general gives great benefits.

How  to worship:

On the day of Aipasi Poornami, anointing the Karungali  Lingam and Nandi with cow's milk, fruit juice, paneer, tender coconut , turmeric water, honey, sandalwood, ghee and vibhuti. Offering fragrant flowers and lighting incense lamps will bring all wealth and happiness. On other days like Pradosha, Shivratri, Monday known as SomaVaram, one can worship Karungali Lingam and Nandi with Vilva leaves by chanting the name of Shiva. Offering of  lotus flowers is even more special.

Shiva Naama mantra

" Om Namah Shivaya "

Traders and merchants can keep the Karungali Lingam and Nandi in their office for good profit and business will flourish.

Those who are unable to do abhishekam and pooja to Karungali  Lingam and Nandi often can keep them in their own vehicles, house, office, business establishments, to get the good energy from the Karungali idols..


  • Karungali Lingam and Nandi is said to bestow Ashta Aishwarya, wealth and prosperity at the place where it is present.

  • Poverty will disappear and wealth will increase. There will be victory in any  task taken.

  • One can get protection from ill effects of Pitru Dosha and Mars Dosha.

  • One can feel the  positive energy around you.

  • The blessings of the family deity can be easily  obtained by worshipping Karugali Shiva and Nandi.

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