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Karungali Maala Silver
Karungali Maala Silver
Karungali Maala Silver
Karungali Maala Silver

Karungali Maala Silver

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Karungali Maala Silver:

Karungali Silver Malai can make all your thoughts come true.

Karungali tree is a powerful tree that attracts electrical radiation and lightning that appears in the sky. The garland made from such a powerful Karungali wood has numerous medicinal properties and acts as a medicine to cure all kinds of ailments that occur in our body.

It helps in gaining Success in whatever task you have taken. 

By wearing a powerful Karungali bead in a silver string, it becomes more powerful since silver metal also has a powerful tendency to process positive thoughts.


  • You can be safe from infectious spreading diseases by wearing a Karungali Maala.
  • Remove any kind of doshas.
  • It can be used in homes and offices to remove the vastu problems and rectify them.
  • By using a piece of Karungali wood during the construction of the house, the completion of the house will happen without any hindrances.
  • Karungali Malai can be used by students to enhance memory power.


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