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Murugan Dollar (Model - 2)
Murugan Dollar (Model - 2)

Murugan Dollar (Model - 2)

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Murugan's Aimpon Dollar which removes sins

We have made many mistakes in our life knowingly or unknowingly and its time to surrender to almighty God to get rid of the sins. In today's busy world, worshipping of deities  at home and going to the temple has decreased.  Most of the people are interested in worship but are caught up in life without time. But there is also one more way to get the grace of the lord. wherever we go, we can use the Murugan dollar made of Aimbon to get  the grace of Lord Murugan. Murugan is very powerful and when we see him all the sins will be removed. That is why it is said  “Parka Parka pavam Podi pata”. 


Aimpon is a alloy made from five metal combination called the Panchaloka. Panchaloka contains metals including gold, silver, copper, iron and zinc. Gold has the power of Guru, silver has the power of Shukra, copper has the power of Sun, iron has the power of Saturn, and Zinc has the power of Ketu. All these five metals are capable of reducing the heat in the body. They are very helpful for human health.

If you hold a Murugan dollar in your hand or think of lord Murugan and recite the Murugan Moola Mantra 21 times in the morning and evening on Tuesdays, all the sins committed will be removed.

The Moola mantra

“Om Saravanabhavaya Namah”

Murugan's Dollar made by Aimbon can be worn at home by everyone from the little ones to the elders.

All the difficulties and harms will be removed for those who have worn Murugan's impon Dollar. 

Bad thoughts and qualities will vanish and the wearer will become pious and gentle.

The diseases and illness will not exist, 

Murugan means  beauty. Gift this beautiful and powerful Murugan dollar made by Aimpon to your friends and relatives.


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