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Tulsi Bead Mala
Tulsi Bead Mala

Tulsi Bead Mala

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Tulsi bead mala

It is traditionally believed that growing and tending to the Tulsi plant at home, and offering it to the Lord, brings divine blessings. Similarly, meditating and praying with the Tulsi bead mala can yield countless spiritual benefits.

During prayers, it is advised to press the Tulsi bead mala only with the middle finger and thumb of the right hand. Avoid using the index finger during chanting.

Benefits :

  • A Japamala of 108 beads is recommended for prayer. These 108 beads correspond to the 108 points in our body connected by 72,000 nadis, stimulating various parts during prayer. Additionally, in astrology, when celestial stars are divided, 108 parts are formed, making this count significant in spiritual practice.

  • The Tulsi garland holds significance in the worship of Lord Vishnu and is favored by deities such as Mahavishnu, Krishna, Kannan, and Ayyappan.

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