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Karungali Karpaga Vinayagar
Karungali Karpaga Vinayagar
Karungali Karpaga Vinayagar

Karungali Karpaga Vinayagar

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Karungali Karpaga Vinayagar fulfils the desires and prayers :

The Karungali Karpaga Vinayagar idol is a revered and iconic representation of Lord Ganesha, a prominent deity in Hinduism known for his wisdom, benevolence, and the removal of obstacles. This particular idol is characterized by its unique features and significance, making it a cherished symbol of devotion. Devotees often worship the Karpaga Vinayagar idol made of Karungali wood with great devotion, seeking blessings, fulfilment of desires, and spiritual enlightenment. The idol is believed to be a source of divine inspiration and inner peace.

  • Worshipping the Karpaga Vinayagar idol is believed to help devotees overcome obstacles and challenges in their lives, whether they are physical, emotional, or spiritual.
  • Many people seek the blessings of Karpaga Vinayagar when embarking on new ventures, such as starting a business, moving to a new home, or beginning an important journey, to ensure a smooth and successful start.
  • Lord Ganesha is associated with wisdom and knowledge. Worshipping the Karpaga Vinayagar idol can enhance one's intellect and understanding, making it a valuable aid for students and seekers of knowledge.
  • Devotees believe that this form of Ganesha can bestow prosperity and wealth. People often pray for financial stability and abundance when worshipping this idol.
  • Karpaga Vinayagar is also revered for promoting inner peace and spiritual growth. Devotees seek his guidance in their spiritual journeys and find solace in his presence.


The idol is made using Karungali Wood Powder and Resin.

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