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Kandristi Yantra
Kandristi Yantra
Kandristi Yantra

Kandristi Yantra

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Kandristi Yantra

Kandirsti yantra protects from evil powers.

Our ancestors have traditionally said that Dristi (evil eye) is more powerful than a painful wound. If there is someone’s evil  Drishti on a person it can make you mentally and physically sick or leave you stressed and depressed. The person could face loss of business, problems at work, quarrels at home, health problems, and the enmity between relatives and friends. The great efforts could be hampered and might go effortless.

The evil dristi is so powerful that it can even make a new cloth get torn into the rug, negative thoughts will appear in the mind, unnecessary anxiety, insomnia, nightmares, etc. can be the signs that a person is attacked by an eye dristi.

 Normally, children often get are affected by eye dristi and sometimes suffer from small problems without reason. So, we can see that women at home use different ways to get rid of eye dristi. Women use rock salt, copper coin, thorny plant, white pumpkin, banana plantain, aloe vera, and others to remove dristi temporarily. 

  • Then how to get rid of eye Drishti permanently? What should be done immediately Permanent solution?
  • The Kandristi Yantra has come to protect you at home, office, business, or place of business and give you a permanent solution.
  • When you place The Kandristi Yantra at the entrance of your home, office, or place of business, the dristi of people will be wiped away completely by getting reflected by the yantra. The evil, voodoo, witchcraft, evil spirits, and negative forces will be completely removed.
  • The Kandristi Yantra most powerful in the elimination of evil spirits gives you great protection and supports career advancement and health care.
  • Many powerful spells and their symbols are inscribed in the Kandhirushti yantra to break the powers of the evil forces and demons. The ill effect of any evil eye dristi will be removed.


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