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Sri Lakshmi Yantra
Sri Lakshmi Yantra

Sri Lakshmi Yantra

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Sri Lakshmi Yantra worship bestows wealth and prosperity

 Sri Lakshmi Devi is worshipped to be blessed with prosperity and abundance of wealth  in life.  it is  considered auspicious to worship Goddesses MahaLakshmi on the days of  Panguni Uthiram Thirunal -when Mahalakshmi is said to have incarnated ,on Varalakshmi vratam,  and all Fridays in the month of Adi, Fridays , Tuesdays and if possible every day will give great blessings from the goddess. To permanently get the grace of goddesses Lakshmi at home,  one should buy Sri Lakshmi Yantra and worship it  by placing it in the pooja room of the house such that it is facing east.

Now offer  fragrant flower garlands, jawwad, cardamom, cloves mixed with paneer and offer sambrani to the goddesses , then the goddesses Lakshmi will stay in your house forever and one will be prosperous and wealthy in life.

Fortune and wealth

Where Sri Lakshmi Yantra is present, there will be no problems  for wealth and money flow. Marriage related issues will be cleared , unemployment will be resolved, health issues in the family members will be rectified.

When luck and wealth are always in your home, there is no shortage of happiness, peace and joy at home.

And hence buy this powerful SriLakshmi Yantra and place it at every home, office and shop to live a prosperous life.

Ya Devi Sarva Bhuteshu Lakshmirupena Samsthita

Namasteyai Namasteyai Namasteyai Namo Namah !

The mantra should be chanted 27 times daily.

On Tuesday and Friday evenings, worshiping the goddesses by lighting lamps and showing Sambrani and  incense throughout the house will give immeasurable benefits.

In which direction the yantra has to be placed.

North or East direction is considered best for placement of Sri Lakshmi Yantra.

Because the north direction is considered as the direction of Kubera.

When the morning sunlight falls on this through the window facing East direction, its power increases and it works more effectively.


  • Lakshmi Kataksha will increase in your house.

  • Profits in business or industries  will increase.

  • Debt problems will be solved and  prosperity will come.

  • Jobless people will get good employment.

  • You will gain new status, respect, honour and prestige in the society.

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