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Varahi Maha Yantra
Varahi Maha Yantra
Varahi Maha Yantra

Varahi Maha Yantra

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Varahi Maha Yantra to prevent Drishti

Varahi amman is a powerful goddess who can be worshipped everyday, her  glory can be known from Devi Purana.  Goddess Varahi who removes the obstacles and gives victories can be worshipped by chanting her duvadasha naamas (12- divine names ) to attain successive victories in life. People who are affected by different financial problems like lack of development at work  and personal problems like quarrels and misunderstanding in family can buy an energised  Varahi Maha  and place. It can be kept in  houses, offices, commercial companies and other places where money has to multiply. The yantra can be  worshipped by offering fragrant  flower garlands and offering cardamom, cloves, and sambrani will give you a prosperous life.

Varahi Gayatri Mantra:

Om Chyamalayi Vitmahe

Hala Hastaiai Thiemahi

Tanno Varahi Prasodayat

Chanting this mantra at least 11 times daily will increase the power of the Varahi Maha Yantra and it will continue to grant you all your wishes like a Karpaka Vriksha.

Kubera, the sun

  • It is best to keep the Varahi Maha Yantra facing north or east in the direction of home, office.
  • North direction is the direction of Kuberan who gives prosperity.
  • East direction being the direction of Lord Sun, its energy is fully available it increases positive thoughts and gives success.


  • By buying and placing Varahi Maha Yantra in every homes, offices and shops one can get prosperity life.
  • And hence, the  joy and happiness will last for long.
  • Lakshmi Kataksha will increase in your house. Profits in business and at industries  will increase.

  • Jobless people will have a chance to get good jobs in good companies.

  • Economically backward people get economic status, value and respect in society.

  • It will protect you and the people in your house from any kind of evil eye, doshasa, bad virtues fire, damage and other negative things.



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