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Vyabara vasiya vastu yantra
Vyabara vasiya vastu yantra
Vyabara vasiya vastu yantra

Vyabara vasiya vastu yantra

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An Yantra that helps to flourish and develop in business

 Although some people are very talented, there is suffering in business without success and growth, and they face various problems in the business and industry every day. Due to this problem of stunned business, many business people suffer mentally and are unable to focus on work and are not making progress in life.

 A solution to such problems is Vyabara Vastu Yantra. By placing these two vastu objects in your office, company, shop or industry will remove all the negative forces that is preventing the growth.

Here are the details of where and in which direction you have to place the yantra and the benefits you will get.

Vyabhara Vastu Yantra - Worship, Benefits:

  • It should be hung in the east or north direction in the house, office, shop, company etc.

  • Every morning you should light a lamp facing east and  worship.

  • On Tuesday and Friday evenings, Sambrani and incense be lit and worshiped by taking sambrani  throughout the house.

  • Any kind of Vastu doshas are removed completely and Lakshmi Kataksha increases.

  • Debt problems will be solved and there will be great relief at home and office.

  • One can achieve new status, value and respect in society.

  • Incurable diseases can be cured by worshipping this yantra

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