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Healing Bracelets
Healing Bracelets

Healing Bracelets

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Let the bracelet speak your emotions 


Crystals are known to amplify energy and can be used to enhance and magnify the energy of any object. 

Many crystals are believed to have healing properties and can be used for physical, emotional, and spiritual healing. Crystals often manifest positive changes in your life, such as abundance, prosperity, and success. We have tied these Crystals with Ebony beads, considering giving more value to this bracelet. 

Ebony (Karungali) is a symbol of power, purity, balance and protection. These beads amplify the positive vibrational energy around you & helps to think positively. In ancient India, wearing charms such as this symbolized good luck and would bring health and wealth to the adorner. Our crystal-beaded bracelet is a perfect blend of style and spirituality. Experience the healing power of crystals and the beauty of beads with our handcrafted bracelet.


LOVE:"Love is not about possession or control, but about mutual respect, trust, and understanding."

CALM: "Calmness is the greatest weapon of the wise; it enables them to conquer their enemies without a fight."

FRIENDSHIP: "A true friend is one who speaks the truth, even if it is bitter, and helps us overcome our faults."

SUCCESS: "Success is not a destination, but a journey; it is about the progress and growth one makes along the way."

RELAXATION: "Calmness of mind is the highest virtue, and patience is the best penance."

HAPPINESS: "The best way to find happiness is to seek it within oneself and be content with what one has."

We have tied these emotions through  the art of living which provides valuable insights into human behavior and emotions, and can serve as a guide for individuals seeking to cultivate emotional intelligence and lead fulfilling lives.

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