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Perumal pendant (Model - 2)
Perumal pendant (Model - 2)

Perumal pendant (Model - 2)

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Perumal Pendant which gives wealth


  The greatness of Lord Vishnu was sung thousands of years ago by the Paribat of Parimelagar that lord vishnu is the one who has Adiseshan as his umbrella. Although Lord Vishnu took 10 incarnations, it is noteworthy that Vishnu is the major known Sahasra Nama in the thousands of names of the lord Perumal. Among such names, names like Thirumal, Perumal, Narayanan, Govinda are considered important. As Mahalakshmi is seated on Lord Vishnu's chest, it is believed that the places where Perumal resides will bring wealth. Wealth is thought of as gold and money. The more gold a person has, the more respected he is in the society. In this case, when jewelry is made with gold and copper. Copper is added to the gold metal to make it strong since the copper has many medicinal properties. Such special copper designed with Perumal Face, Conch, Chakra and Perumal Thirunam, Tirupati Venkita jalapathi, Narayanan Dollars gives wealth when one  wears them.

Copper vessel theertham

  • Since copper is durable, it was used to make armor, weapons, etc. needed for war. Thus the stamina of the warriors increased and their body temperature decreased to fight better wars
  • Water that is drunk in a copper vessel contains energy-rich nutrients.
  • That is why, in Perumal temples, raw edible camphor and tulsi are offered in copper vessels.
  • Holy theertha of Perumal temple gives various benefits to the body.
  • Perumal's grace is filled when one wears a Perumal-shaped dollar made of copper.

Mahalakshmi Vasam (aroma)

  • It is believed that Mahalakshmi resides in places that smell auspicious and  good. Therefore, incense sticks, sambrani are offered when worshiping the lamps to the goddesses in places like home, office, factorie, places of business and worship.
  • Also, take water in a copper vessel, put turmeric, raw camphor, javaadu, nannari root, and other divine scents in it and sprinkle the holy water with betel leaves all over the place in the house.
  • It is believed that by sprinkling this holy water, Mahalakshmi will reside there. Along with this a copper dollar with Perumal Face, Conch, Wheel and Perumal Thirunam, Tirupati Venkatajalapathi has to be worn to get maximum benefits.
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