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Murugan Dollar (model - 6)
Murugan Dollar (model - 6)

Murugan Dollar (model - 6)

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Murugan's Impon dollar for health

Lord Muruga, who is worshipped by all Tamilians and Hindus all over the world. God Murugan, is known as the 'God of Kurinji Land ', Sevakodion, Sun-like and other names. If we worship such a great Lord Murugan in our house, we will get all prosperity and well-being.


Aimpon or Panchalokam is an alloy made of  gold, silver, copper, iron and Zinc.

Mostly, idols of deity are created by Aimpon. That is because gold has the ability to attract the forces of the universe.

Murugan's Aimpon Dollars are medicinal in nature, capable of providing tremendous benefits both scientifically and spiritually.Gold has the power of Guru, silver has the power of Shukra, copper has the power of Sun, iron has the power of Saturn, and Zinc has the power of Ketu.

Things to do

If you hold the Murugan dollar in your hand or think of Murugan and recite the original mantra of Murugan 21 times in the morning and evening, all the physical problems will be cured.

The Moola mantra

“Om Saravanabhavaya Nama”


  • By using Aimpon Murugan Dollar, the grace and showers of blessings of the lord can be  received.

  • The problems like body heat, skin related diseases, body fatigue will be reduced effectively.

  • The Murugan Dollar made by Panchaloka gives us the energies of the universe to unite. Thus, negative thoughts do not arise in the mind. Always positive thoughts can be felt around us.

  • Aimpon has the power to protect from the prying eyes  and ill effects of dristi of others.

  • Handcrafted pendant of lord  Murugan on peacock  with beautiful designs can be used by everyone from kids to adults.

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