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Panchamuga Ganesha idol
Panchamuga Ganesha idol
Panchamuga Ganesha idol

Panchamuga Ganesha idol

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Panchamuga Ganesha:

 Worship of Panchamukha Ganesha bestows economic prosperity

Worshipping the Ganesha is very simple. The Agamas state that the images of the Lord can be  made of stone, clay, wood, copper, cow dung, turmeric, wood, karungali , marble, gemstones, ivory, ginger root, fig, cow butter, sandalwood, sugar, jaggery and others.

Worshipping of one face to five face panchamukha ganesha will bless you with all health and a great wealth in life. 


  • If a Panchamuga Ganesha is kept in a clean area of ​​the house, the possibility of famine will be nullified and the house will be a wealthy place.
  • People working in the fields of agriculture,  police, science, engineering, and taxation will get all good the benefits and successes by  worshipping panchamukha ganesha..
  • Panchamuga Ganesha blesses those who are unable to repay their loans and debts by relieving them of their hardships and giving them money and wealth to prosper in life.
  • Where Panchamuga Ganesha is placed the witch crafts like  voodoo,and others will fear to near. There will be improvement in life and sufferings will disappear. Poverty will be eradicated, wealth will increase and you will have Victory in any chosen venture.
  • Ganesha purana says that,If a panchamugha ganesha is donated or gifted the good benefits will be multiplied. 
  • If Panchamuga Ganesha is kept clean and kept in home, office, business and in own vehicles like car, van, bus, the evil eye drishti will be removed.

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