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Tulsi Bead Mala
Tulsi Bead Mala

Tulsi Bead Mala

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Tulsi bead mala

Magnificent Tulsi bead mala

 It is traditionally believed that by growing and maintaining the Tulsi plant at home and offering it to the Lord, all the sins committed by our mind, body and voice will disappear. Similarly, meditating and praying using Tulsi bead mala can also reap countless benefits. While doing this prayer, the mala should be pressed only with the middle finger and thumb of the right hand. Do not chant with index finger. 

A japamala of 108 beads should be used for prayer. As 72000 nadis connect to 108 points in our body, these 108 beads are used to stimulate the parts. Also, when all the celestial stars are divided as per astrology, 108 parts are formed. By calculating that, the ancestors have been using a Japa mala with 108 beads.


  • Tulsi garland is important in the worship of Lord Vishnu.

  • It is liked by and offered to the dieties - Mahavishnu, Krishna, Kannan and Ayyappan.

Benefits :

  • If one recites the mantras by wearing the tulsi mala around your neck or by holding it in hand, one will get the benefits of performing a thousand Ashwamedha yagas.

  • If you perform japa using bead and pray regularly, you will have better memory, sharper thinking, and faster action.

  • One will not be affected by infectious diseases, if there is a necessity to stay close to those who are sick and pray for their healing, the unhealthy persons health will improve.

  • Performing japa and mantra chant will give the blessings and benefits of 100 times, when compares to chanting at home.
  • Sitting on the banks of rivers or holy ponds and praying by performing japa will be 1000 times more fruitful and provide great results.

  • sitting on a holy mountain and praying will be 10,000 times better results.
  • By sitting in a temple and praying will be a million times fruitful and all the ventures you take will be successful.

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