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Vinayagar pendant (Model - 5)
Vinayagar pendant (Model - 5)

Vinayagar pendant (Model - 5)

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Vinayagar pendant:

Copper Ganesha dollar who bestows the kubera wealth, Blessings of Fertility, a turning point in life, the land becomes fertile with all multiplying fortunes and therefore the heavens are created by the lord and Love and peace becomes universa

  It is customary for human beings and angles and also those in the celestial world to start activities only after worshiping Lord Ganesha so that the work done and the things started should be completed without any hindrances and  obstacles. If you keep such a great Lord Ganesha at home and places of business, great auspicious things will happen in life.

No eye dristi will be there if one wears Ganesha dollar made up of auspicious divine metal that is handy every venture that one begins will be successful one.

For good health:

  • About 5 thousand years ago, our ancestors knew the benefits of copper metal and used it.
  • The copper metal is known to be naturally antimicrobial in nature.
  • Therefore, wearing copper Ganesha dollars will not be infected by germs or harmful microbes.
  • If we wear copper Ganesha dollars, one can become wealthier, and healthier all the time. There will always be protection in the house.
  • Lord Kubera Valam vinayaka is depicted as a simple Ganesha as he is worshiped in turmeric, copper, black stones, marble and wood and others
  • Wherever copper Ganesha is present, the positive energy is fully diffused.
  • When you wear copper Vinayaka as a dollar, you will get good fortune and all the wealth in your home, office, business, other.
  • Business will develop and will become a profitable one.
  • Students using this Ganesha, will get good knowledege, memory, intelligence and other smarter skills to crack the difficulties in education.
  • The place is always filled with divine energy where copper Ganesha is placed.
  • thoughtsCopper Ganesha has the power to remove negative thoughts and create positive .
  • Eight forms of Ganesha
  • Eight forms of Lord Ganesha made of copper have  various medicinal benefits.
  • Choose the lucky and favorite copper Ganesha and use it to get fortunate in life.
  • Click here to buy and use such a valuable copper Ganesha and make it  a gift to your dear ones, relatives, friends, office mates, school, college friends, teachers and others and make them happy.


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