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5 Face Rudraksha Silver Bracelet
5 Face Rudraksha Silver Bracelet

5 Face Rudraksha Silver Bracelet

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Five Face Rudraksha Silver Bracelet

Rudraksha is a type of seed that comes from the Rudraksha tree. These seeds are considered sacred in Hinduism and are often used for spiritual and healing purposes. The five-face Rudraksha represents kalagnirudha. The five-face of this rudraksha directly connects to the five face of lord shiva-Sadyojata,Vamadeva,Tatpurusha,Aghora and Ishana. Wearing this rudraksha may remove sins of various types committed through forbidden acts. These Rudraksha can also be offered as gifts to all elderly devotees, prohiths, doing all ritual functions at temples, and to god also.


  • It may balance Throat Chakra and blesses you with eloquent ability and adds magic to your words.
  • Wearing a five-faced Rudraksha may help to bring about inner peace and harmony. It may also be believed to help promote harmonious relationships with others.
  • Five-faced Rudraksha is believed to may have healing properties and is said to help alleviate ailments related to the eyes, throat, and stomach. It may also be believed to boost the immune system and promote overall well-being.


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