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Karumari Amman Frame
Karumari Amman Frame
Karumari Amman Frame

Karumari Amman Frame

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Karumari Amman

Karumariyamman who bestows boons in abundance:

Another incarnation of Mother Parashakti is Karumariyamman. Godesses  is the power of rain and the guardian deity of villages. The power of such great Karumariyamman is spread all over Tamil Nadu. The Tamil month of Aadi is considered to be the auspicious and best month to worship goddesses Karumariyamman. it is believed that if Karumariyamman is worshipped with devotion she will bestow the boons of the devotees in the month of Aadi. Karumariyamman appears with Agni flame, carrying a sword,  kapalam, damaru and trishul in her hands. It is believed that if such a magnificent Karumariyamman is kept at home and worshipped, There will be abundance of riches in the family.


  • Usually, Karumariyamman appears as a Swayambu statue in the moolasthana of the temples where she gives blessings.

  • Many local legends say that Karumariyamman temple was built on a big snake-pit as per the instructions from the godesses

  • It is said that Karumariyamman is self manifested and is believed that she did not appera from the womb .

  • It is best to worship Karumariyamman by performing kumkum archana daily.


  • If one is devoted towards the goddesses and pray to Karumariamman, it is believed that she will protect the house and family forever.

  • People who have delay in marriage can pray to Karumariamma by lighting a lamp with lemon and get a boon of bright married life.

  • Worshipping godesses at home is beneficial for everyone in the family.

  • If the goddesses is worshipped at home any kind of dosha, evil eye dristi will be removed.

  • By worshipping the goddesses, From the day you worship Karumariyamman there will be progress in the home and increase in the income and hence happiness in the family.

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