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Karungali single bead silver
Karungali single bead silver
Karungali single bead silver

Karungali single bead silver

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Karungali Bead that removes the Obstacles

While all things made of Karungali are considered to be powerful because they have the power to attract cosmic forces, wearing Karungali beads in a silver cup around the neck will not allow any evil forces to be near the wearer. Products made from the Karungali tree are rich in medicinal properties.


 After buying the Karungali bead locket, you should perform the pooja between 6 and 7 am on the next day. The best method is to put the Karungali mani locket in a plate.  rub a little bit of mahua oil (illupai oil), do a simple abhishekam with pure water, rice flour, turmeric, sandalwood, paneer water. And get it worn by elders at home, thinking of the family deity facing the east direction.

Those who don't want to wear it around their neck can worship in the pooja room. Can be used for meditation and worship.


  • The mal-effects of the planet Mars and the doshas related to it can be reduced by the power of Karungali Bead mala.

  •  Wearing a Karungali silver cup bead  removes obstacles in business and the new ventures in life.

  •  Prevents eye drishti and Creates positive thoughts.

  •  The grace of the family deity called the kula deivam can be received  by wearing Karungali  silver cup bead

  •  It has the power to improve memory in students and make them excel academically.


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