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Karungali Bracelet (Model - 6)
Karungali Bracelet (Model - 6)
Karungali Bracelet (Model - 6)

Karungali Bracelet (Model - 6)

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 Karungali Bracelet (Model - 6)

Karungali is a symbol of power, purity, balance, and protection. The composition of these beads amplifies the positive vibrational energy around you & helps you to think positively. In ancient India, wearing charms such as this was considered a symbol of good luck and would bring health and wealth to the adorner.

Karungali beads are believed to possess grounding and protective energies, helping to calm the mind and promote feelings of safety and security. Karungali beads are highly prized for their beautiful, dark color and natural luster, making them a popular choice for jewelry and decorative objects.


  • The rich, dark color of  Karungali wood is highly prized for its beauty and elegance.  Karungali has a distinctive grain pattern that can vary from piece to piece, adding to its visual appeal.
  • Karungali is a popular material for making prayer beads, also known as malas and bracelet

  • In some traditions, the dark color of ebony represents the void or emptiness that one seeks to transcend through meditation or prayer

  • It harmonizes energy in the body, security, and stability in life, enhances concentration 

  • You might get deeper relaxation and spiritual growth, calm and balance in life

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