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Karungali Panchamukha Vinayagar
Karungali Panchamukha Vinayagar
Karungali Panchamukha Vinayagar

Karungali Panchamukha Vinayagar

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Karungali Panchamukha Vinayagar that prevents business loss:

           Vinayagar worship is very simple. It is believed that, by worshipping stone Vinayagar before beginning any new task. Lord Ganesha helps in gaining success without any obstacles. Generally, Ganesha idols can be seen in various forms. For the special benefit of Om Tamil calendar readers, we are offering the Panchamukha Ganesha statue in Karungali, which has the power to attract cosmic power and divine powers.

  • If you worship the Karungali  Panchamukha Vinayagar idol in your home or office, wealth will increase and one can prosper in life.
  • All powerful deities and navagrahas are said to reside in Karungali. Hence,  you will get success in your endeavour in life to become wealthy and also get rid of poverty.
  • All the products made from the Karungali tree are full of medicinal properties and hence act as a cure for all types of diseases and discomforts in the body.
  • People who are in a lot of trouble due to a lack of proper business can improve their business and gain great profits and efficiency by worshipping Karugali Pancha Mukha Vinayagar.
  • Evil eye dristi will be removed and any kind of dristi will not affect or hurt you.


Idol is made using Karungali Wood Powder and Resin.

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