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Karungali Trishul | Ebony Trishul
Karungali Trishul | Ebony Trishul
Karungali Trishul | Ebony Trishul
Karungali Trishul | Ebony Trishul
Karungali Trishul | Ebony Trishul

Karungali Trishul | Ebony Trishul

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Karungali Trishul

Karungali Trishul bestows protection and wealth:

Trishul is considered one of Lord Shiva's weapons, the Trishul destroys the trinity of illusions, desires and ignorance. and is also a symbol of destroying evil forces. The Trishul is not only the weapon of Lord Shiva but also the weapon of the Goddesses like Kali, Durga and Parashakti. It is called a Trishul or trident because it has three pointed parts. 

It is believed that Lord Shiva is in the idle of the Trishul, thirumal Vishnu is the left branch and Lord Brahma is the rich branch. Vinayagar, Murugan and Veerabhatra are at the top of the three branches, Ekadasi Rudra is in the lower part of it, and Ashtamatruka and Ashtalakshumi are in the lower part of Padma.


  • Karungali Trishul is a very powerful special item that has to be kept in the pooja room like other karungali products including the Ganesha statue, lingam, mala, and bangle made of Karungali. While Karungali naturally contains the power of all the deities, the Karungali Trishul also contains all the deities.
  • Karungali Trishul can bring success in the tasks undertaken, poverty will be removed and wealth will be added.

  • Trishul worship gives protection and wealth and saves from destruction.

  • The Trishul has been a symbol of guarding since ancient times.


  • It has the power to remove negative thoughts and create positive thoughts.

  • Evil powers will not harm you or come near you if  Karungali Trishul is kept.

  • Business and career will improve, and one can see positive growth and profit in business.

  • Auspicious events in personal and professional life are sure to happen and all good news will come if you worship Karungali Trishul.

  • Since the Karungali Trishul absorbs the radiation from the planet mars, it has to be worshipped on Tuesdays and Fridays by placing it at the foot of the goddesses Parvathi. This will remove the malefic effects of the planet Mars.

  • It is good to worship the karungali Trishul by placing it in the puja room, offices, factories and places of business.

  • By keeping it on the dashboard in front of the vehicle, one can prevent unfortunate, unexpected accidents and eliminate eye dristi.


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