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Karungali Ucchista Ganapati
Karungali Ucchista Ganapati
Karungali Ucchista Ganapati

Karungali Ucchista Ganapati

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Karungali Ucchista Ganapati

Karungali Ucchista Ganapati is believed to bring success and remove obstacles:

Ucchista Ganapati, also known as "Rise Up Ganapati" or "Energizing Ganapati," is a form of the Hindu god Ganesha. This form of Ganesha is associated with success and progress and is believed to help remove obstacles and bring success to one's undertakings and efforts. Uttishtha means leftover or residue. It is canon that everything created in this world will perish.

But the custom of the world is to create something else and perish before it perishes. Thus Uchishta has the power to create and destroy together

Karungali Ucchista Ganapati is also thought to bestow knowledge, wisdom, and wealth upon his devotees. He is considered one of the Ashta Vinayakas (eight forms of Ganesha)


  • Worshiping this form of Ganesha is believed to bring good luck, prosperity, and success in business and academics.
  • This form of Ganesha is considered the remover of all types of fears and the bestower of courage, hence it is also believed that worshiping Karungali Ucchista Ganapati can help overcome fear, and anxiety and bring self-confidence.
  • Karungali Ucchista Ganapati is also considered the Lord of education, thus worshiping this form of Ganesha can help students to excel in their studies and achieve their educational goals.

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