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Krishna pendant (Model -1)
Krishna pendant (Model -1)

Krishna pendant (Model -1)

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Sri Krishnan Pendant that fulfills all your wishes 

Sage veda vyasa himself has glorified the power of the lord Krishna that chanting the lord name is equivalent to chanting divine mantras. Lord Sri krishna can be chanted 108 times by saying  “Om Srim Nama: Srikrishna Paripurnathmaye Swaha” daily to fullfill the wishes in life.Krishna means supreme bliss. This mantra is considered as a way to feel the bliss and power of lord Krishna. So, your life will become happy and you will get strength and confidence for different wishes for everyone. Sage Narada says that:  “Before doing anything, I should think of Lord Krishna and pray to God to give me success in what I am going to do”. Thus it is best to always wear the Sri Krishnan Dollar designed in copper which has the power to attract the divine power of Lord Sri Krishna which bestows success.

Krishna with flut:
  • Lord Krishna flute has the power to remove the negative energy, negative thoughts are completely removed and positive energy is filled.
  • Evil forces, evil doshas, ​are destroyed and will be burnt away.
  • When you keep such a great Lord Krishna in the form of a dollar made of copper, you will be surrounded by only good people.
  • Enemies who are directly and indirectly hurting you will be destroyed.
  • Financial growth will in a increased phase.


  • We get many benefits when we drink food and water through copper vessels.Copper has the power to purify and destroy disease-causing toxins, germs and bacteria.
  • Copper vessel water can be used to dissolve fat in people with obesity problem.
  • A Lord Krishna dollar made of copper is always with you and helps to burn the unwanted obesity causing fat and delays aging.
  • Also, it gives good relief for arthritis and thyroid related problems.

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