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Kubera Yantra
Kubera Yantra
Kubera Yantra

Kubera Yantra

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Kubera Yantra which gives abundance wealth to ten generations:

Shastra says that if one is willing to have a good and comfortable life with wealth and happiness, we should have done a lot of merit in our previous life. When no one knows what we have done in the past life, we can live comfortably in the present in our time and our descendants after us can live comfortably if we worship Kubera Yantra.

Kubera yantra in the puja room of the house is very auspicious and  we can get wealth and prosperity in life and reach a very high level. Since Kubera will bless us with the necessary wealth for ten generations only by doing Kubera Puja, knowing how to properly perform such Kubera Puja will give us complete benefits.


  • The Kubera Yantra should be worshipped in the puja room of home, office,  company by facing it in the east direction or the north direction of Kubera.

  • Banana leaves should be spread in front of the image and new grains should be spread on it.

  • Place an Kalash with mango leaves and coconut  in the middle of it, mix turmeric and apply it to the kalash and coconut.

  • Kubera yantra should be decorated with tilakam of sandalwood and kumkum.

  • It is good to offer scented rose garland to Kubera Lakshmi image and perform pooja with incense sticks and Chambrani mixed with perfumes and javvad, cardamom, cloves etc. in paneer.

  • Laddu, sweets and palpayasam should be made as neivaithiyam offerings and worshipped with camphor aarti.

  • Worshipping Kubera Lakshmi between 6 pm and 7 pm during thursdays, fridays and festival evenings can give great benefits.


  • By performing Kubera Lakshmi Puja, Mahalakshmi will reside and Kubera will bestow all wealth.
  • By worshipping the Yantra, debts will be settled. Also, there will be sudden chance of increased  cash flow, and there are good chances to buy new house, vehicles.

  • Due to Lakshmi Kataksha, there  is always full of money.

  • Husband and wife problem will be solved. The incurable diseases will be cured.

  • Happiness and joy will last in the family.

  • You can get gold and materialistic and a luxurious life

  • You can become rich like Kubera by increasing your income by business development through kubera yantra valipadu.

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