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Spadigam Mala Copper | Sphatik Mala Copper
Spadigam Mala Copper | Sphatik Mala Copper

Spadigam Mala Copper | Sphatik Mala Copper

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Spadiga Maala Copper

Spadiga garland to help make decisive decisions

It is said that the Water that freezes beneath the earth for hundreds of years will form into rocks and crystals. Those  crystals are cut and the Spadiga mala (Garland) is made. Thus the Spadiga crystal that is available naturally  from the earth is an aspect of powerful energy. If you put a high quality crystal garland in the water you will not know the difference between the waerr and the Spadiga crystal.




  • When we wear such a pure Spadiga crystal bead garland, it becomes the complete shield that protects us.
  • The Spadiga crystal garland has the quality of absorbing light and magnetic force from the universe and giving it to those who wear it.
  • Then those who want to get divine grace, peace of mind, clear knowledge, decisive results, etc. can wear the Spadiga crystal bead garland.
  • The faces of those who wear this Spadiga mala will be brighter.
  • The nervous system and blood flow are normalised. The heart and lungs functions properly , Kidney disease and chronic skin diseases can be cured.


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