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Sri Chakra Yantra
Sri Chakra Yantra
Sri Chakra Yantra

Sri Chakra Yantra

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 Sri Chakra Yantra 

Worship of Sri Chakra brings the blessing from the kula Deivam (the Family god) 

  Sri Chakra worship is considered to be the most important one while performing Shakti worship. The Sri Chakra is the form of the Mahameru. Sri chakra is incorporated with unique powers and is said to calm down aggressiveness. It is said that those who worship the Sri Chakra will be benefitted from all powers of the goddesses.  The Sri chakram is a triangular structure, with 43 triangles in it, worshipping the Shree chakram at home will give an abundance of blessings and fortune to become wealthy from the Lord. 

Drawing the angles correctly on the copper plate and worshiping it properly will give a good effect. It is noteworthy that it was Lord Ganesha who gave the form of the Sri Chakra, which is the first form of Yantra worship. It is very beneficial to worship Sri Chakra, which is unique in worship and is  auspicious one 

Chant the mantra 11 times daily after installing Sri chakra at your place.

Bindu trikoana Vasukona Dasarayukma

Manvasra Nagathala Samyutha Shodasaram

Vruttathrayam Sa Tharani Satana Triam Ch

Sreesakramadhat Udidam Paradeva Thaya

Wherever the Sri Chakra is placed, the Power of goddesses Lakshmi settles in that place, one may get divine grace and power of the goddess

The Kuladeivam (family god) will reside in your home forever if Sri Chakra is worshipped.

Get all the  positive force  from the universe by worshipping the Sri chakra and get  benefitted.

Performing  puja to the  Sri Chakra will guarentee sure succeed in any task taken.

The house will be filled with the peace of mind, health, permanent income and many more auspiciousness Sri Chakra is worshipped with utmost devotion.

Shri Adisankarar says that those who worship Sri Chakra are the ones who are having Purva Janma Punniyam - good virtue in the past life.

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