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Varalakshmi Frame
Varalakshmi Frame
Varalakshmi Frame

Varalakshmi Frame

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Varalakshmi Frame

     Varalakshmi who bestows the grace of th eight great Ashtalakshmi

The Varalakshmi Frame typically depicts the divine form of Goddess Varalakshmi, adorned with symbols and attributes that symbolize her divine qualities.Goddess Varalakshmi is often portrayed with four arms, holding various auspicious symbols such as the lotus flower, a pot of gold, and a gesture of blessing. It serves as a sacred focal point for worship and meditation, inviting devotees to connect with her divine energy and seek her blessings. Devotion to the Varalakshmi Frame leads to spiritual upliftment and inner transformation.


  • By meditating upon and venerating Goddess Varalakshmi, practitioners cultivate virtues such as devotion, humility, and gratitude, fostering a deeper connection with the divine.

  • The Varalakshmi Frame invites the blessings of Goddess Varalakshmi into one's life, bringing about auspiciousness, grace, and divine protection. Her divine presence ensures overall well-being and fulfillment beyond material wealth.

  • The Varalakshmi Frame contributes to inner peace, contentment, and emotional well-being. By connecting with the divine presence of Goddess Varalakshmi, practitioners experience a sense of tranquility and harmony within themselves and their surroundings.

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