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Vastu Yantra
Vastu Yantra
Vastu Yantra

Vastu Yantra

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Vastu Yantra that creates wealth

The Vastu dosha in a house causes many problems like less source of cash in that house, delay in marriage, childlessness, loss of income due to unemployment or underemployment, and frequent health issues to the family members. Most of the time the cause for the underlying problems is actually not clear and known to us. But, we are the ones who do not understand it properly and get more and more vulnerable and have no understanding of each other with fights and quarrels in the family. All of this is due to the Vasthu doshas in the house.

 These problems caused by Vastu dosha can be solved with Vastu Yantra. By having this Vastu yantra in every home, office and shop, you can get rid of Vastu defects and live a prosperous life.

Positive Powers:

Prevents negative forces from entering the house.

Brings positive energy to home, office, shop etc.

Establishes good social relations between family members.

Brings new changes in life.

You can place it anywhere you want.

Which direction:

Usually, the northeast direction is the best place to install the Vastu yantra.

Because the Northeast corner is considered the direction for the worship of deities.

When sunlight falls on the Vastu yantra through the window in the morning, its power increases and it operates more efficiently.

Also, the southeast direction is considered a safe place.


  • Increase profits in industry or business.
  • Debt problems will be cleared and wealth will increase. 
  • Those who are unemployed get the right job as their wish.

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