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Aadi Pooram 2024: Significance, Date and Time

Aadi Goddess Andal



Aadi Pooram 2024



Aadi Pooram 2024:  Aadi Pooram will occur on 7th August 2024. The festivities will begin on 6th August 2024 at 06:42 pm and ends on 7th August 2024 at 09:03 pm.

Aadi Pooram is one of the most significant festivals in the Tamil calendar. It is also known as Andal Jayanthi. Aadi Pooram marks the birth of Goddess Aandal, an incarnation of Goddess Lakshmi and one of the twelve alvars. The festival also coincides with Goddess Parvati's Valaikappu, or bangle ceremony (baby shower). 

Significance of Aadi Pooram 

Aadi, the fourth month of the Tamil calendar, is coupled with 'Pooram,' one of the 27 Nakshatras (stars) in Vedic astrology, to form the auspicious festival of Aadi Pooram. 

On this auspicious day, it is believed by devotees that Goddess Parvati descends to earth to bless them. A highlight of this festival is the elaborate alangaram (decoration) of Amman, the divine mother, in temples. The deity is adorned with flowers, lamps, and intricate decorations, dressed in vibrant silks and adorned with exquisite jewellery, symbolizing prosperity and divine grace.  

Special Archana and Aarthi ceremonies are conducted by priests in honour of Goddess Ambaal. Women devotees are given glass bangles as Prasadam from the temple, and Slogams dedicated to the goddess are recited, accompanied by heartfelt prayers offered by the people. 

The story of Aadi Pooram also revolves around Goddess Aandal, who was found as a newborn child under a tulsi plant in the garden at Srivilliputhur. The child was discovered by a Vishnu devotee named Vishnucittar (Periyazhwar) and he raised the child as his own daughter. He named her as kothai.  From her childhood, Kothai was a devoted follower of Lord Vishnu. She composed the Thiruppavai, a collection of hymns in praise of the deity. Her unwavering devotion and love for Lord Vishnu earned her a special place among the Alvars. Aadi Pooram commemorates her birth and her divine love for the Lord. 

Andal is the sole female Azhwar among the twelve Azhwar saints of South India, who are part of the Srivaishnava tradition in Hinduism. 

Even today, devotees recite her Tamil works, "Thiruppavai" and "Nachiar Tirumozhi," during the winter festival season of Margazhi. 

 In Vishnu temples, this day is marked by the celebration of the marriage ceremony between Goddess Andal and Ranganathaswamy, a manifestation of Vishnu, known as Thirukalyanam.  

Aadi Pooram Celebration in Tamil Nadu 

  • On this day, special poojas and celebrations for Andal take place in all Vishnu temples. 
  • Aadi Pooram is grandly celebrated in temples such as Srirangam and Srivilliputhur.  
  • The festival is also enthusiastically observed at Sriperumbudur, the birthplace of Andal's brother, Ramanuja 
  • Aadi Pooram festival is celebrated for ten days at Mannargudi Sri Rajagopalaswamy Temple and Thiruvannamalai Temple and for three days at Kumbakonam Sarangapani Temple. 
Amman decorated with bangles

Rituals and Benefits of Aadi Pooram 

  • After the divine marriage of Shiva and Parvati on Panguni Uthiram, it is customary to perform the bangle ceremony for all goddesses on Aadi Pooram, including a special bangle ceremony for the divine mother who creates all living beings. 
  • The sanctum of the goddess Amman is adorned with garlands made of glass bangles. Wearing the bangles received as prasadam from Amman temples is believed to bring all kinds of prosperity. Giving the bangles to pregnant women is considered auspicious. 
  • Observing a fast and worshipping the goddess on Aadi Pooram is believed to bestow the boon of marriage soon, as well as bring profound happiness and harmony between husband and wife. 
  • Thirukalyana Urchavam, the divine marriage ceremony, occurs in some Vishnu temples, accompanied by recitals of Tiruppavai.  
  • Acts of charity and compassion are encouraged during the viratham. Offer food, clothes, or other essentials to the needy, embodying the spirit of selflessness and love. 

    Aadi Pooram 2024 promises to be a day filled with devotion, celebration, and the divine presence of Goddess Aandal. 

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