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Diwali 2023

deepam diwali

Diwali 2023 falls on 12th November

Diwali is one of the famous Indian festivals that is celebrated by Hindus, Jains, and Buddhists throughout India. It is one of the festivals that brings happiness to people of all age groups. Diwali marks the defeat of the darkness, the powerful positive divine light, and the rise of good over evil

The Significance of Diwali

Diwali is related to the joy of celebration through the story of Lord Rama's return to Ayodhya after defeating the demon king Ravana. It is believed that this is the victory of righteousness over evil or light over darkness. People worship and pray to Lord Rama and seek his blessings to lead a life of righteousness and goodness.
Lord Ganesha and Goddess Mahalakshmi are also worshipped on this day to mark the new beginning of a bright future.

What has to be done before Diwali?

The entire house and household have to be cleaned a week before Deepawali. The house must be decorated with flowers and decorative lights. This is done to welcome the deities to our house, especially the goddesses Lakshmi and Ganesha. It is believed that in the place where there are goddesses Lakshmi, prosperity and abundance of wealth will dwell.

Varieties of sweets and savoury foods are prepared at home for family members and to give to family, friends and neighbours. New clothes are purchased for the members of the family and gifts are shared among the families to spread joy and happiness.

Diwali is not only a festival of lights but also a festival of sweets and desserts. A variety of sweets and savoury foods are prepared and offered to the deities. In India, sweets like laddu, Adirasam, Mysore Pak, Gulab Jamun, rasagulla, kaju katli and many more are prepared at home and offered to the god. Savouries like murruku, ommam murukku, rose cookie, mixture, ribbon pakoda, and others are prepared to share their affection with friends and families.

How to perform pooja and worship:

Diwali is the festival of many customs that have to be performed to purify the mind and body. The darkness from our mind and body is removed and the light of enlightenment has to be lit.
On the day of Diwali, one has to wake up before sunrise, apply sesame oil and take a bath. The sweets that were prepared and newly bought clothes are kept in the pooja room and the lamps are lit. The Nevaithiyam is offered to God. Then the mantras, prayers and songs are sung.

The family members can visit the temples and seek the blessings of the Lord for the purification of mind and body. The young members of the family take the blessings of the elderly people in the family. The elders bless them and the sweets are distributed among themselves.

In the evening the lights are lit and the entire house is decorated with colourful lamps.
The children, under the guidance of the elders, burn the fireworks and enjoy the beautiful colourful lights, however, to protect Mother Nature from pollution let's try to make it a green Diwali by not burning crackers and enjoying the many lamps.

Happy and safe Diwali!

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