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Vaikunta ekadashi 2023

ekadashi perumal vaikunta ekadashi 2023

Vaikunta ekadashi

Vaikunta ekadashi is one of the important Vaishnavite festivals that is celebrated every year. It is most popularly celebrated by the south Indians, and it is believed that fasting and worshipping the lord vishnu bhagavan on this day will give great benefits. Ekadashi is the eleventh Thithi after full moon day or new moon day. Vaikuntha ekadashi is one of the important and special day on which the devotees of the Lord Vishu, worship the lord and seek his blessing for well being, healthy and wealthy life.

It is believed the 7 divine gates of the vaikunta- the abode of the lord opens on this day for his whole hearted devotees who are willing to reach the foot of the lord and attain moksha or salvation.

Vaikunta Ekadashi celebration 

Vaikunta ekadashi is considered to be an auspicious day where one can get many benefits in materialistic life and for the souls. It is said those who perform fasting on this day will get the benefit of fasting on 23 ekadashi. 

One has to wake up as early as 3 am in the morning and take a holy dip and chant the names of the lord vishnu and perform fasting for the whole day. Visit the nearest vishnu temple and perform archanai to the almighty lord and light ghee lamp. Attend the margazhi poojai at the temple. If possible, visit the temple in the morning and evening and seek the blessings of the lord.

 It is good to chant the Sahasra Nama  the thousands of names of the lord Perumal. And seek his blessings of the lord. 

Those who are unable to go to the vishnu temple can worship the idol of any vishnu avatar like perumal. Keeping the idol of lord perumal at home and worshipping him brings great benefits to the members of the family.

Benefits of  worshipping lord Vishnu on Vaikunta ekadashi.

Vaikunta is the abode of the lord and fasting on this day and worshipping the lord will bring the blessings from the lord. One can reach the abode of the lord and attain moksha.

All fame, name and wealth will increase for those who worship lord vishnu on this special day.

As Mahalakshmi is seated on Lord Vishnu's chest, it is believed that the places where Perumal resides will bring wealth. Wealth is thought of as gold and money. The more gold a person has, the more respected he is in the society. 

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